What Are The Best Entry Level Private Equity Jobs?

By | March 7, 2017

If you’re looking to work in private equity, it’s likely that you have wondered, “What Are The Best Entry Level Private Equity Jobs?” This is a great question, and I have talked to this issue many times. Here are some of the best entry level private equity jobs out there:

Analyst: A common first job at a PE firm is as an analyst. Typically, these professionals come from a job in finance (usually at an investment bank) where they worked as an analyst too. Still it is usually seen as a promotion or at least an opportunity to advance to a better position at a PE firm compared with analysts at investment banks. As an analyst you will complete a variety of tasks, most importantly evaluating potential investment opportunities by completing valuations, identifying problems and potential in the company as well as completing due diligence on companies. In this position you will use highly sophisticated financial models to inform the PE firm’s decision to invest in the company. The analyst will also determine whether a potential investment fits with the buyout fund’s portfolio based on the firm’s financial statements.

Associate: An associate is the other typical entry level job. Associates have a number of tasks that can range across all aspects of the deal-making process. An associate must have technical expertise in each area that the firm invests in to make competent decisions regarding investments. Of course, an associate must have the financial modeling skills that an analyst possesses, too. Additionally, an analyst will talk personally with clients and team members. Associates are often groomed on a partner-track so that eventually they will scale the ranks to the top of the company.

The analyst and associate are the two most common entry level positions although you may find specialized positions, as well.

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